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Kuhnke International's mobile VSAT offerings include a wide variety of portable "flyaway" terminals. These range in size from a 90 x 66 cm dish which fits in a man-portable backpack to 2.4 meter and larger C-band systems. Mobile VSAT antennas are optimized for light weight and transportability, making extensive use of advanced carbon fiber composite material.

Mobile VSAT services include a complete set of equipment: The outdoor dish unit and an indoor electronics rack with the satellite modem, router, firewall, Ethernet switch(es), UPS power protection, voltage regulator and other equipment. These systems are ideal for use at military forward operating bases and other locations where the permanent installation of a satellite terminal is not required. Our equipment is designed to operate on a variety of field expedient electrical sources including diesel generators, wind, solar or other sources. Complete systems are small enough to be easily transported and installed by one person in one hour. These are easily transported by an average Toyota 4x4 or in almost any helicopter.

Broadband Internet service options for mobile terminals include access to a TDMA shared network, a TDMA private network or SCPC dedicated bandwidth. Depending on the number of people at a site and your application / mission requirements, bandwidth can range from 64 kbps to 10Mbps or greater on a single terminal.

As part of our mobile terminal hardware solutions, Kuhnke offers on site setup and operational maintenance services at any location in Afghanistan for every piece of equipment we sell. Individual technicians can be deployed on long term contracts to assist your organization with a variety of IT support duties.

Part of our diplomatic and military service offerings include the option for X-band transponders on 1.2M to 2.4M flyaway dishes. These provide access to coalition militaries' satellites, including the Milstar, DSCS, Skynet, SYRACUSE, UFO and AEHF satellite fleets. In coordination with military network operation authorities, your LAN (local area network) can be linked to terrestrial networks in Europe or the USA via AES256 or NSA Type 1 encryption.

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