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Our fixed site VSAT broadband Internet service is available in the C and Ku bands. This type of Internet connection is ideal for offices, military bases, semi-permanent FOBs, diplomatic houses and many other locations. Antennas vary in size from 1.0 meters to 3.8 meters depending on bandwidth requirements.

Kuhnke International designs and deploys complete office network solutions. These include the VSAT outdoor equipment, modem, router, network switches, premises cabling and file servers. We understand Afghanistan's unique logistical challenges related to importing, transporting and installing network equipment.

Using TDMA (Time division multiplexing) technology, multiple sites in the same geographical region can share one pool of downstream and upstream bandwidth. This allows your organization to take advantage of economies of scale related to satellite capacity purchases. When one site's network traffic is idle, bandwidth will be automatically redirected to the other sites in a shared network. Our TDMA VSAT services are offered with iDirect 3000, 5000 and 7000 series modems compliant with American FIPS 140-2 regulations.

For larger sites, we offer SCPC (Single channel per carrier) services in the C-band. This provides your office with a 24x7x365 dedicated section of network capacity with very low latency to the Internet. SCPC technology is optimal for any location where many people will be sharing the Internet connection. C-band offers the advantage of greater resistance to signal loss from rain and snow storms. In addition, monthly recurring costs and contract costs for large sections of C-band satellite capacity are less expensive than the Ku-band. The primary distinction of C-band terminals is their use of larger antennas, varying in size from 2.4 to 3.8 meters. This does require a larger area of roof space (2.5 x 2.5 meters) but can be accommodated in the vast majority of locations.

As part of a fixed site VSAT solution, we can link your Afghanistan office to a head office anywhere else in the world via an encrypted virtual private network connection. Kuhnke International deploys ISP industry standard Cisco and Juniper switches and routers.

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