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As part of our firm's work in satellite telecommunications and terrestrial microwave telecom, we maintain an internal GIS database of notable teleport and earth station facilities worldwide. Through the publication of individual sub-sections of this data, we hope to provide potential clients and partners with the market information necessary to make a truly informed decision.

Information related to military and government sites shown in this data set has been gathered entirely from personal observations and public domain information sources.

Please contact info@kuhnke-international.com to submit new sites, correct mistakes or provide additional information about a placemark.

For best results use the latest version of Google Earth to view .KMZ files.


Published 2012-04-09:


Locations, roads and other facilities in Afghanistan (86KB .KMZ)

Libyan towns, cities, airports and other points of interest (32KB .KMZ)

Pakistan (290KB .KMZ)


North America:
Canada: British Columbia, WA State and other Cascadia region radio tower sites, mountain-top radio and microwave relay sites, etc. (149KB .KMZ)

Alaskan Satellite Earth Station / Teleport sites (22KB .KMZ)

Satellite Earth Stations and Teleports in US/Canada, data and telecommunications services. (244KB .KMZ)

Satellite Earth Stations and Teleports in US/Canada, television and broadcast related. (46KB .KMZ)


Teleports: Military and Government, primarily US DoD but also NATO related. (101KB .KMZ)

Satellite Earth Stations and Teleports, both data communications oriented and broadcast television (83KB .KMZ)

Research facilities, radio astronomy and other science related satellite earth stations (4.5KB .KMZ)






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