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Kuhnke International is a full service IT and VSAT networking firm based in Kabul, Afghanistan. We provide fast, reliable and secure Internet service to a wide range of customers including NGOs, militaries, embassies, and private contractors. As one of the few American / Canadian owned information technology firms with a permanent office in Kabul, Kuhnke International strives to provide the highest level of expertise and service to our clients.

Our business class VSAT Internet service is available at any location in the Euro-Asian hemisphere, with a coverage area reaching from Ireland to the Philippines. Operating from a teleport in western Europe, the full spectrum of business class Internet services are available to our clients. These include colocation, web, email and domain hosting services. In partnership with major manufacturers of network equipment we offer a full range of servers, routers, switches, wireless networking equipment and land mobile radio systems. Through our extensive industry connections, Kuhnke can offer the expedited import of equipment not available from any other source in Afghanistan.

Information technology consulting services are available on a full-time or fractional basis. Services available include desktop support and maintenance, system administration, database design and implementation, premises wiring and project planning services. We understand that reliable telecommunications are a critical part of your organization's mission, and offer 24-hour on call services to meet the most demanding requirements.

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